Reznak Empire

Reznak Empire

The Reznak are a telepathic humanoid race with lightly furred bodies. They have a tail and two antennas on their forehead that resemble studs. They are tall and have a light bone mass, thus making them high jumpers, extremely athletic and very flexible. The females are distinguished by their whiskers that many other species find attractive. The females also have very powerful lower body. This is the major reason why Reznakian women are very highly priced as sex workers in some worlds. They possess well-rounded eyes and mouth as well as a delicately sculptured snout.

Their telepathic abilities vary. Though most have it weak, there are some who are able to exercise their great telepathic powers.

They have the usual systems: respiratory, circulatory, nervous etc. They have sexual organs much like any other humanoid race and hence are sexually compatible with them. The telepathic ability of the average Reznakian is weak and is only effective for a short range of a few yards. Also, any form of metal shielding can hinder this ability.

The Reznakians with telepathic abilities that are infinitely more powerful form a secret order that answer only to the ruler of the society.

The Reznak Empire is very peace-loving. They are naturally calm and reasonable. They have an equal opportunity system that makes it possible for anyone, regardless of gender or social status to rise to any height within the Empire. Nevertheless, noble blood always gets priority.

The Reznak Empire has a very vast and powerful military. They are also very prosperous people that established trade programs with a number of other species. Most of the worlds within the Reznak Empire are beautiful and vacation destinations for many.

The Reznak Empire is also highly advanced in science and technology. They particularly have an expertise in matter transubstantiation, which is one major source of their extreme wealth as they have been able to produce in large transubstantiation facilities some of the ores and minerals that other races have to mine.

No other species has been able to replicate this technology up to this date. The Reznakians have not revealed the science behind this technology, and it is said that only a handful of people actually know the science behind it—these are all members of the Royal Family.

The Reznak Empire runs a monarchial system of governance known as The Supreme, who rules in utter surety over the Empire. Each world within the Empire is ruled by a viceroy, who is a member of The Supreme’s Cabinet. Major sectors of the Reznak Empire are overseen by appointees of The Supreme. The Prime Minister is the one who directly oversees the different aspects of the day to day running of the Empire. The Prime Minister comes next as the most powerful person in the Reznak Empire, with The Supreme being the first. The Defense Minister is also extremely powerful and commands the entire military arm of the Empire, including all its internal security organs. Usually, the offices of the Prime Minister and Defense Minister are held by The Supreme’s offspring, which limits the distribution of power to within the Royal Family.

The Supreme may be male or female, depending on who is in the line of succession. A research conducted by the Royal Academy, the foremost, premier college of science in all the Empire, revealed that Reznakian women have held the crown more. This does not come as a surprise because the population of females is as high as four times the population of males. The current monarch of the Reznak is female and she is loved by all her people. Her first son is the Prime Minister, while her first daughter (the second child) is the Defense Minister and Commander of the Royal Fleet.

This is a secret, militaristic society of the most powerful telepaths within the Empire with blood sworn allegiance to The Supreme. They have existed for as long as the cradle of the Reznak Empire. They are extremely powerful as they have been trained since childhood to fight with their telepathic ability. Each member of the SS is a force multiplier in any and all forms of warfare. Because of the rarity of powerful telepathic gifts in the Empire, there are only a few members of this Sacred Order – less than a hundred. Nevertheless, they have been so successful in discharging their duties that they are sometimes referred to as the army of one man armies.

Though this falls under internal security, the SS does not report to the Defense Minister, but directly to The Supreme.