Phantom: A Tale From The Sonali War

Phantom: A Tale From The Sonali War

The Earth-Sonali War was one of the most destructive conflicts in the galaxy…

Over 9 billion dead – on both sides…

Now, here the stories of the survivors…

It was a simple contraband run past from The Outer Colonies

We should have never used known shipping channels.

All of a sudden, we’re stopped by the Terran Armada.

Our corvette…it’s no match for an Armada cruiser.

So we stop. They board us. They find the cargo.

And now, we’re facing long sentences on a prison colony.

Except…they give us a way out.

They tell us they’ll set us free if we carry out a mission.

Sounds good, right?

Well, they tell us what it is once we agree.

And it makes us think we’d be safer in jail.