Homefront: A Pax Aeterna Novel (Pax Aeterna Universe Book 3)

Homefront: A Pax Aeterna Novel (Pax Aeterna Universe Book 3)

I shoot first. Ask questions later.

If you’re lucky.

If you’re not…well, you just die.

Don’t let my curves fool you.

I’m the deadliest spy that works for the Terran Union.

Armada Intelligence code named me No One.

My enemies code name me “Oh crap.”

I’m just guessing though.

Because usually they’re too dead to confirm anything.

I go in, get the job done, and get out.

Sure, I might break a few necks.

But I always succeed in my mission.

So how do they reward me after the war?

They put me in a freakin’ desk job.

I’m supposed to pretend to be a xenoarchaeologist on Sonali Prime.

But what I’m really here to do is study the Sonali.

Powerful aliens that we just got done fighting a war with.

We may be at peace now, but not if some people have their way.

They want to plunge the galaxy back into war.

They think Terrans are a bad influence on this race.

That we’re too weak. Too soft.

They’ll do anything to revisit the conflict with the Terran Union.

Including killing 9 billion of their own race.

I have to stop them. It’ll take everything I have.

Every nanite enhancement to my body.

Every trick in the book.

But I guarantee you this.

Once I’m done with them, no one will call humans weak ever again.

You can bet your life on it.

You’ll probably lose.