Author: simone

High Crimes: A Pax Aeterna Novel (Pax Aeterna Universe Book 5)

High Crimes: A Pax Aeterna Novel (Pax Aeterna Universe Book 5)


A paranoid, xenophobic alien race wants to start a war.
A valued scientist wants to defect from a totalitarian regime.
A crucial piece of technology needs to be stolen from a summit.
Who you gonna call?
Two words. No One.

That’s right. That’s my name.
The deadliest spy in the entire Terran Armada.
My code name with Armada Intelligence is No One.
But my enemies call me, “Oh No.”
That’s because those are the last words they usually say.
Then they die.

I’m supposed to be pretending to be a traitor.
Working with some Terran Separatists.
These terrorists – they hate all non-human races.
So it’s ironic that their funding comes from the Tyreesians.
If you’ve never dealt with Tyreesians, consider yourself lucky.
They’re deceitful, cunning, and cruel.
They set the Separatists up with a mission.
If successful, they could end up starting a war in which billions of humans will die.
I’m here to stop it.

Normally, this is just another day at the office for me.
But now, Armada Intelligence needs me to rescue a defector.
And they need me to steal a crucial piece of technology.
The fate of an entire quadrant of space hangs in the balance.
Intergalactic politics and diplomacy hinges on my success.
Not to mention the threat of genocide if I fail.
All this, and I have to maintain my cover as I save the day.

Well…I guess it’s a good thing I get hazard pay.

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