The Phantom is Live

The Phantom is Live

I published a short story, and I have to say there’s a totally different art to writing shortchanged than there is to writing long. I know a lot of science fiction greats wrote short stories.
Now, thinking how quickly it is to read one, I am astounded with how arduous the time to write one is.
Hope you enjoy mine.
Here’s an excerpt:

I am in the hidden compartment of my small corvette looking over some of the contraband ale I am smuggling along the border when I hear the deafening wail and see the blinding flashes of the sirens. I can feel my heart jug up to the base of my throat as I hurry up and out of the small room and bolt the secret entrance. I dash into the elevator and ride it up to the bridge.

“What the heck is going on,” I scream as I take my position at the captain’s chair. The lights are flashing more rapidly and more intensely in the bridge than anywhere else in the ship. The small view screen, which is pretty much our window into the cold, hard space beyond the polycarbonate plating of our hull, shows nothing but deep space.

“Long range scanners just detected a Hegemony ship headed our way,” says my navigator. He’s a muscular, dark skinned man with a nose piercing and the kind of face you don’t want to meet in some dark alley world.

“What the hell?” I say. “How long before they get to us?”

This time it is the weapon’s officer and my number one, Alex, who answers. He has a shocked look on his face and he hangs his shoulders in that defeated way I am all too familiar with. “Not long, Jeremy.”

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